5 Dragons Fantastic

The part that a person get correct is the particular scaling between categories. Whenever you do an examine of the power plus health scaling in one group to the next making use of both in-game data plus the numbers that are usually provided you get exactly the same ratio.

5 Dragons

The formula works sometimes better for dragons which have been fed. I’m just searching for a list or simple method of knowing what category. We don’t want to try mathematical gymnastics to determine this out. With this particular all of us can check the proportions of both the damage-to-health of game vs discussion board as well as the particular damage and health percentage between categories of each to check for regularity.

We are players that play the game, plus volunteer our time plus effort to the planks. You all are pleasant to compile and talk about info about the sport. Similar to the previous battle statistics were compiled and examined by other players therefore too will the changes that will are coming soon. So when @Bettina-Löffler says it calls for years she is generously passing on info through her fb group devoted to the game which usually consists of thousands associated with players. Nevertheless , I perform have a few dragons lvl 1 to check those values.

What is wrong relating to this is the damage-to-health percentage is far too higher. However, like a pretty “hard core gamer” for more than 40 years I feel continually astonished by the particular lack of details about this particular game that is given by the developers. First due to the fact mods are 5 dragons not provided every nuance of the particular game by SP or even anyone else. And next just because we are usually mods does not imply we are sitting close to writing manuals of each single feature of the particular game. Nor is SP providing us the interior scoop upon every mechanic from the sport.

Leslie, you can still perform that IF the dragon is a duplicate. When unique, then you possess to divide by one. 3 and round upward.

@susan-mclaughlin We would like to know that will too, because I simply find out about categories because a few databases e facebook’s dedicated teams say they are usually. My apocalypse didn’t modify at all, is really a category 5, HP and ATK still the same.